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- Candace Pert PhD

- former Chief of Brain Chemistry 

at the National Institutes of Health

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Welcome to The Human Tune-Up  //

Brainstem Balancing fine tunes your

Immune/Nerve System to maximize

your body's self-healing and self-regulation.


The finest Functional Neurology available in Santa Barbara - stunning results are the norm!


 A tune-up is a good thing for whatever

or whomever receives it:

Tuning-up any musical instrument is the only way to know just how good it can perform and sound - it's a good thing.


Tune-up your car, and it will run cleaner and smoother - it's a good thing.


Tune-up your computer by removing viruses and spyware and it will run faster and better - it's a good thing.


Our bodies are no different:


Tune them up and they will: self-heal better, play sports better, digest better, sleep better, repair tissue cells better, love better, and regulate hormones and Brain chemicals better. Your body can also fight sickness and disease better by super-charging your Immune System - it's a good thing.


Every "body" has to benefit from a Brainstem Balancing Nerve System tune-up because our Brainstem runs our body's autopilot - the Autonomic Nerve System and directly controls the actions and effectiveness of our Immune System. (see the "Brainstem Science" page)

Who can The Human Tune-Up help?

Pregnant moms, infants, toddlers, teenagers, students, athletes of all ages and levels, creative thinkers, seniors - in fact EVERYONE.

What benefits did a major study at UC Irvine School of Medicine show for people who receive this kind of care:

•    Enjoy more flexibility

•    Experience less physical pain

•    Become more “tuned in” to what their bodies want and need

•    Feel more resilient in the face of life’s stressors

•    Experience more connection

•    Take less medication

•    Eat better

•    Exercise more

•    Engage in more spiritual practices

•    Are more energized and inspired

•    Are more open to subtle cues of what life is asking of them to be

•    Are less anxious, irritable and depressed

•    Feel more “real”, authentic and purposeful in their lives

•    Are more inspired to contribute their unique talents to help others

The following categories, with examples from

each section, all showed statistical and

clinically significant benefits.

Improved Mental/Emotional State:
  • Positive feelings about self

  • Moodiness, less angry outbursts

  • Less depression, more interest in life

  • Improved ability to think and concentrate

  • Less anxiety and concern about vague fears

  • Improved ability to stay on task

  • Less distress about pain

Improved Response to Stress (less stress related to:)
  • Family

  • Significant relationship

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Daily problems

  • Work

  • General well being

Improved Life Enjoyment:
  • Openness to guidance by “inner voice feelings”

  • Experience of relaxation and well being

  • Positive feelings about self

  • Interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Feeling open when relating to others

  • Confidence when dealing with adversity

  • Compassion for, acceptance of others

  • Incidence of feelings of joy or happiness

Improved Overall Quality of Life relative to:
  • Personal life

  • Oneself

  • Extent one adapts to change

  • Handling of problems in life

  • Actual life accomplishments

  • Life as a whole

  • Overall contentment with life

  • Significant other

  • Job

  • Life being what one wants it to be

  • Romantic life

  • Actual work done

  • Coworkers

  • Physical appearance

After a trauma to our head or neck,

what happens to our body?


After assessing thousands of my clients Nerve Systems, I have learned that after a Brainstem trauma, our bodies react by contracting and tightening the musculature and tissues surrounding the Brainstem.


Each individual trauma forms a new Trauma Layer™ that molds itself on top of all the previous Trauma Layers surrounding your Brainstem. You can visualize this as a towel that is twisted from both ends till it is tight as can be. Each new Trauma Layer might be twisted the in the same direction or in opposite directions from the layer below it. What results is a constriction around our delicate Brainstem that resembles the growth rings of a tree - some layers thicker and some thinner. Some older, some newer. Some more severe, and others less so.

I can tell just by palpating a person's neck region how much trauma their Nerve System has stored around their Brainstem. It is the unresolved stored tension that impairs the proper functioning of the Brainstem, and thus, the proper functioning of every system, organ, and gland in the body. Some people's neck region is so tight and twisted that I know that if it is not resolved, they either are developing or will develop a major named disease condition in their body.


Remember: Symptoms from diseases are the last stage of the disease - not the first! For example, a breast cancer tumor can take 20 years to just grow large enough to show up on a mammogram. Therefore we know that the Nerve Interference that impaired that persons Immune System probably existed for more than 20 years.

The 3 most dangerous words I hear everyday... "I feel fine."

It generally starts when a couple or family visits my office to start care for just one family member. I will then ask the other spouse or family members why they are not also starting care. It is at this point that I hear those words: "I don't need your care", because "I feel fine".

In our society we are wrongly taught that if we lack symptoms (ie: feel fine), we are healthy.


Lack of symptoms is simply not a valid measure

of our wellness!

In my opinion, the state of our Brainstem and Nerve System is the only true measure of our actual wellness today, and a great predictor of our future health.

How do you remove these Trauma Layers?

The Human Tune-Up is accomplished via Brainstem Balancing - a revolutionary, gentle form of Upper Cervical Care that goes far beyond only addressing you and your loved ones current pain or symptoms - because Brainstem Balancing uncovers and then removes your Brainstem Trauma Layers which can be “the root cause” of many of your problems that can be located anywhere in your body.

Why does this work?


At The Human Tune-Up Center, we know that your body has a natural ability to heal itself when it is free of emotional, physical, and chemical interference and that the majority of disorders, dis-eases, and physical limitations that people experience today, come from a lifetime of accumulated Brainstem Trauma Layers. These layers are often created when accidents, injuries, and falls affect your head, neck, or potentially any other area of your body.

Brainstem Balancing removes Trauma Layers one at a time, clearing nerve interference and facilitating a deep healing response that allows your body to reconnect to its innate healing intelligence and restore itself to wellness.

Regular Brainstem Balancing sessions are literally a “tune-up” for you and your loved ones entire being, and may be the single most important step you can take for healing your body and achieving optimum health and vitality in your future.

Why Brainstem Balancing works:

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