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The Human Tune-Up™ Care Plan Information:


The Human Tune-Up is not only awesome care for your past traumas that you are aware of and any current physical distress that you are experiencing, but also preventative care for any underlying conditions that you've not yet realized you have. 


How to start: 


1. Our office is a fragrance free zone. Some of our clients are extremely sensitive to perfumes, lotions, and other sources of smells, so please arrive without any body fragrances.

2. Please turn off cell phones or do not bring into the office.

3. Download the Personal History Form here:



      (or we have forms in our office if you can't print)

4. Call us to make your first reservation: 805 560-0630


5. Learn:


a) Go to FAQ & Videos and watch all the videos.

b) Read the Home Page and Brainstem Science page.

All new clients start care with a New Client Package that includes two corrections on the first day.


Most clients notice significant changes to their health almost immediately; however you will benefit from sustained care - which can help your body to heal itself of a lifetime of accumulated - and many times hidden, health issues. The more care you receive, the faster your body can heal itself.

Insurance and Legal Cases: The Human Tune-Up and Brainstem Balancing does not include any diagnosis or treatment of any mental, physical, or emotional disorder - therefore, we do not participate in any insurance program or legal case (if you would like to learn about our philosophy, simply Google: "Objective Straight Chiropractic" to discover why we don't "treat" or "diagnosis" any condition, and instead we simply understand that every human will function better with a clearer Nerve System.)

Brainstem Balancing Fee System:

First Visit: $240


1.  Two Tune-Up's during your first visit.

2. One on one education with Dr. Migliore.

3. Integration training and support from staff.

Follow Up Visits:

Be consistent with your Tune-Ups!

"The Weekly Wellness Tune-Up":  $80


Note: Clients visiting Santa Barbara and those with major health issues may schedule two or more sessions each visit.

Regular Brainstem Balancing corrections have been shown to unleash the body's full healing potential.