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It's possible that the finest

Health Restoration system on

Planet Earth is being developed

right here in Santa Barbara.


I have been performing a deep dive

into the Human Nerve System for the past 30 years - all to discover how and why we lose our health, and more importantly, how we can restore it.

In Chiropractic school,

we were taught that if we removed  interference from our clients Nerve System, their bodies would heal

from their acquired life conditions

and diseases.

Even better, if a child is regularly cleared of Nerve Interference as they grow and develop, they should experience a childhood without most conditions and diseases.


Great concept.


I just never saw this healing happen every time and with every client. It didn't matter what health system or technique was being used, or who was performing it.

Until now.

I believe I have discovered the trigger/cause of over 80% of our  diseases and health issues -

and just as important, how to remove these health destroying triggers permanently from your Body.


Our clients are seeing results

that are historic in scope, speed,

and completeness of their recovery.


Have you suffered with subpar

health long enough?

Long Covid    Migraines   Asthma

Allergies   Heart Conditions

Gut Issues    ● Anxiety / Depression

Most Major Diseases  

(a chart listing additional conditions

is further down on this page)

Are you ready to stop just managing your conditions and actually

start to heal them?

Have you ever wondered why

you developed the exact set of conditions and diseases

you are now dealing with?

The Human Tune Up is thrilled to introduce

what we believe to be two significant

advances in Human Health Restoration

and the answers to the above questions!

The Human Tune Up is offering both Bliss Care and Brainstem Balancing to the world. These bespoke whole body healing services work in a synergistic manner  providing our clients with the most dramatic health restoration results we've ever witnessed or read about. 

Bliss Care floods your whole body with the amazing feelings associated with an endorphin release, while Brainstem Balancing tunes up your body's built-in Health Control System.

A Bliss Care™ endorphin release helps your breath to slow and deepen, your pulse to lower, and your whole being to become more centered, balanced, and blissed out. This is easily one of our clients' favorite benefits of the Brainstem Balancing Total Health Restoration System.

While Bliss Care releases it's endorphins,

Brainstem Balancing starts healing the body.

We believe Brainstem Balancing gets to the root cause of the majority of the health issues people acquire during their lifetime by correcting the damage physical, chemical, and emotional traumas have caused to your body's built-in Health Control System™.

Never heard of your Health Control System?

The part of your Brain that keeps your body alive?

The part that Johns Hopkins University called:

"The most vital part of the entire Brain"?


Your body's most important "Health Switch" is never talked about simply because we are the only profession (that we're aware of) with a procedure to improve it's function.


So what exactly is your Health Control Center?

Your Brainstem is your Health Control Center.

The Brainstem's job is to control, coordinate, and regulate the majority of the body's automatic functions that are ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE - things like breathing, heartbeat, digestion, balance, blood pressure, hearing, coordination, taste, vision, and sleep.


That's the definition of a Health "Control Center".


The Brainstem also regulates your Immune System.


When your Immune System's function gets thrown out of balance by physical, chemical, or emotional traumas, our body generally responds in one of ways:

a) it can produce the symptoms of a new disease or condition almost immediately - like we see with many Asthma, Allergy, and Migraine cases.


b) after 10 - 40 years of "feeling fine" we receive a major disease diagnosis. We observe this scenario with most Cancers, MS, and Parkinson's cases.

Amazingly, the general public expects their Health Control Center to perform perfectly for their entire life - all without ever receiving an adjustment or tune up.

My 30 years of working with Nerve Systems has shown me that's not possible.


Imagine how a piano, guitar, or car would sound or function if they were not tuned for 80+ years.

The instruments would slowly loose pitch and tone, and the car would lose power, smoothness, a whole system might fail, and finally the car would stop running.


Our bodies are no different.


First, they will lose maximum power, then smoothness, and then one of our Body Systems will get "out of spec", causing a diagnosis of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, a Digestion Issue, Heart Disease, Cancer, or any of the other 60,000+ named Diseases and conditions we can be diagnosed with. 

This means that when your Brainstem's function is altered by Trauma Layers, you and your health will suffer.


What are Trauma Layers? 


Trauma Layers are the residual, stuck, 24/7 neck and shoulder tension that results from accidents, injuries, toxic chemical exposures, and emotional life events.


Trauma Layers provide an explanation as to why your stiff neck may be the cause of most of your Health Issues and why people's health generally gets worse as their Brainstem accumulates Trauma Layers throughout life.

How do I know if I have any Trauma Layers in my body?


Feel your neck and shoulders. If they're not incredibly soft, supple, and have a full, easy range of motion, they are most likely holding Trauma Layers that are negatively impacting your health.

Trauma Layers are difficult to remove permanently as one of my practice members demonstrated. She had received over 10,000 (!) massages during her lifetime, yet still came to me with multiple Neck locking Trauma Layers and their associated health issues.

Here are examples of Trauma Layer symptomatology:

1. Your son or daughter developing allergies, asthma, or  migraines immediately after a sports injury.

2. You developing a digestion problem, balance, or Brain Fog issue after a fall or car accident.

3. Your spouse who had a major trauma 20 - 40 years ago,  has now been diagnosed with Heart Disease or Cancer.

4. A infant or toddler who has been called "inconsolable", has digestion issues, ADD, or sleep problems.

5. A Mom with Postpartum Depression.

6. Any Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) dealing with today's technology and social challenges.


The takeaway: Having chronic tension in your neck can trigger a condition or disease ANYWHERE in your body.


Again - trauma, ESPECIALLY to your head or neck, can start a disease process or cause symptoms ANYWHERE in your body.


This fact is huge.

Come join us and get truly healthy.

We believe The Human Tune Up offers

these health benefits and more:


Call 805 560-0630
to connect with us.

To apply for
membership, please:

"That was the most amazing session of my life... the most incredible and unbelievable experience.

I’m still thinking about it.”


- Candace Pert PhD

- former Chief of Brain Chemistry 

at the National Institutes of Health

"Something happens here that doesn't happen anywhere else."

- DC visiting from Mexico

"You're doing some miracle

work here Doc!"

- Retired NFL Lineman

"The results have to be

experienced to be believed."

- Santa Barbara Surfer

“Outcomes are more consistently dramatic

than any other known

clinical intervention.”

- Dr. John Markham DC

Executive Director of Level III Clinic

Programs at Life University

"For 6 years I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia.

I have seen Dr. Joe 4 times and I no longer take my pain meds or sleeping pills."

- Santa Barbara Client

● Bliss Care 

● Health Restoration

● Peak Performance

● Migraine Elimination

● Depression Relief

● Concussion Recovery

● Parasympathetic Activation

● Digestion / Gut issues

● Cardiac Issues

● Sleep Issues

● Balance Issues

● Childhood Learning Issues

● Bell's Palsy

● Long Covid

● Pain Relief 

● Wellness Care

● Life Extension

● Allergy Elimination

● Monthly Cycle Issues

● Anxiety Relief

● Brain Fog

● Asthma Relief

● High Blood Pressure

● Immune System Issues

● Healthier Pregnancy

● Failure to Thrive

● Alzheimer's prevention


“Brainstem Balancing

reinvents Chiropractic.”

- Dr. John Markham DC

Executive Director of Level III Clinic

Programs at Life University

"Dr. Joe Migliore is

a body-mind genius."

- Candace Pert PhD

- former Chief of Brain Chemistry 

at the National Institutes of Health

"It is as if you acquired an inner compass whose needle unerringly points to all levels of wellness."


- Santa Barbara Client

Feel better than you have in years, decades, or ever!

Note: Because we don't diagnosis anything in this office, we do not participate in any Insurance or Legal Cases (my job is to release your trapped inner healer so that you can heal yourself...)

(Google: "Objective Straight Chiropractic" to see our Philosophy)

"I feel better than I have

in over 42 years.

This work is profound!"

- Santa Barbara Practice Member


Brainstem Balancing Bliss Care:

First Visit for New Clients :   $180

(includes 2 Tune Up's that day)

Daily Sessions:  $90 each

Call 805 560-0630
to connect with us.

To apply for
membership, please:

The Human Tune Up

In 90 sec,
this video
will explain
the power

Then, watch the video below:

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