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The Human Tune Up is thrilled to introduce

what we believe to be a significant

advance in human health restoration!

We have designed a health restoration system that we believe gets to the root cause of the vast majority of the health issues people have acquired since birth.


The Brainstem Balancing™ health restoration system works by correcting the damage that physical, chemical, and emotional traumas have caused to your body's built-in Health Control System™.

Never heard of your Health Control System?


The most important part of your Brain?

The part that keeps you alive?

The part that Johns Hopkins University called:

"The most vital part of the entire Brain"


Join the crowd.


Other Doctors don't even talk about the Health Control Systembecause no other profession (that we're aware of) has a procedure to correct a Health Control Center Issue.

In other words, why discuss something you have no treatment for.


Well we have developed a procedure that clears the interference from, and then tunes up your built-in Health Control Center.


What is your Health Control Center?

Your Brainstem is your Health Control Center.

The Brainstem's job is to control, coordinate, and regulate the majority of the systems in your body - things like breathing, heartbeat, digestion, balance, blood pressure, hearing, coordination, taste, vision, and sleep.


That's the definition of a Health "Control Center".

The Brainstem also regulates many of your whole body systems such as your Autonomic Nerve System and your Immune System, and when these systems get out of balance, they provide a possible reason as to why we see Asthma, Allergies, Migraines, as well as Cancers and Autoimmune Diseases after traumas.

Amazingly, we ask our Health Control Center to perform perfectly for our entire life - all without ever receiving a tune up.


Imagine how a piano, guitar, or car would sound or function if they were never tuned up for 80+ years.

The instruments would slowly loose pitch and tone, and the car would loose power, smoothness, the whole A/C system might fail, and finally the car would stop running.


Our bodies are no different.


First, they will loose maximum power, then smoothness, and then one of our Body Systems will get out of spec, causing a diagnosis of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, a Digestion Issue, Heart Disease, Cancer, or any of the other 60,000+ named Diseases and conditions we can be diagnosed with. If this interference to proper Nerve function persists, at some point the whole body will just stop working correctly.

This means that when your Brainstem's function is altered by Trauma Layers, you and your health will suffer.


What are Trauma Layers™? 


Trauma Layers present as chronic muscular tension and restricted range of motion in the head, neck, and shoulders. So, your always tight and stiff neck may be the cause of your Health Issues. Period.

Various types of trauma to your Head and Neck can cause Trauma Layers to build up over your lifetime.


These traumas can be from accidents, sports injuries, toxic exposures, or emotional life events.

How do I know if I have any Trauma Layers in my body?


Just feel your neck. Almost everyone has trapped Trauma Layers negatively impacting their health.

We have observed that no amount of massage or therapy has permanently removed a Trauma Layer from the Nerve Systems in our office. In fact, one of my clients received over 10,000 (!!) massages in her life (so far!), and she still came to me with many Trauma Layers that caused her to have multiple health issues.

A few examples of trapped Brainstem Trauma Layers causing declining health are:

1. Your son or daughter developing allergies, asthma, or  migraines after a dancing or sports injury.

2. You developing a digestion problem, balance, or Brain Fog issue after a fall or car accident.

3. Your spouse who had a major trauma 20+ years ago and now has Heart Disease or Cancer.


4. A infant or toddler who has been called "inconsolable", has digestion issues, ADD issues, or sleep problems.

5. A new Mom with Postpartum Depression.


All of this means that having chronic tension in your neck can dramatically affect the function of ANY other system, ANYWHERE in your body.


Again - trauma, ESPECIALLY to your head or neck, can start a disease process or cause symptoms ANYWHERE in your body.


This is huge.

Your Brainstem controls all of the above life and death body functions, yet you've never heard of, or been offered any procedure to help it function the way it did when you were younger and your body had sustained fewer traumas.

Until now.

Come join us and get truly healthy.


We believe The Human Tune Up offers

these health benefits and more:


Call 805 560-0630
to connect with us.

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membership, please:

“Outcomes are more consistently dramatic

than any other known

clinical intervention.”

- Dr. John Markham DC

Executive Director of Level III Clinic

Programs at Life University

"That was the most amazing session of my life... the most incredible and unbelievable experience.

I’m still thinking about it.”


- Candace Pert PhD

- former Chief of Brain Chemistry 

at the National Institutes of Health

"Something happens here that doesn't happen anywhere else."

- DC visiting from Mexico

"You're doing some miracle

work here Doc!"

- Retired NFL Lineman

"The results have to be

experienced to be believed."

- Santa Barbara Surfer

"For 6 years I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia.

I have seen Dr. Joe 4 times and I no longer take my pain meds or sleeping pills."

- Santa Barbara Client

● Health Restoration 

● Peak Performance

● Migraine Elimination

● Asthma Relief

● Depression Relief

● Vagus Nerve Balancing

● Parasympathetic Activation

● Digestion / Gut issues

● Cardiac Issues

● Sleep Issues

● Balance Issues

● Childhood Learning Issues

● Alzheimer's prevention

● Long Covid

● Pain Relief 

● Wellness Care

● Life Extension

● Allergy Elimination

● Monthly Cycle Issues

● Anxiety Relief

● Brain Fog

● Bliss Care

● High Blood Pressure

● Immune System Issues

● Healthier Pregnancy

● Failure to Thrive

● Alzheimer's prevention


“Brainstem Balancing

reinvents Chiropractic.”

- Dr. John Markham DC

Executive Director of Level III Clinic

Programs at Life University

"Dr. Joe Migliore is

a body-mind genius."

- Candace Pert PhD

- former Chief of Brain Chemistry 

at the National Institutes of Health

"It is as if you acquired an inner compass whose needle unerringly points to all levels of wellness."


- Santa Barbara Client

Feel better than you have in years, decades, or ever!

Note: Because we don't diagnosis anything in this office, we do not participate in any Insurance or Legal Cases (my job is to release your trapped inner healer so that you can heal yourself - and there's no insurance code for that!)

(Google: "Objective Straight Chiropractic" to see our Philosophy)

"I feel better than I have

in over 42 years.

This work is profound!"

- Santa Barbara Practice Member

Brainstem Balancing Care:

A La Carte  /  Visitors :   $90  per session

Monthly and Annual Plans: 

(Receive an additional 20% discount for Couples and Families)

1 session a week -   Basic Care  / Wellness / Healthy Children

Annual Plan -     List Price$ 4,680       w/ Annual Discount -   $3,520

Monthly Plan   -  $350

2 sessions a week - Double Care  (2x one day or 1x each day)

Annual Plan   -   List Price: $9360        w/ Annual Discount-  $7,040

Monthly Plan -    $690

4 sessions a week -  Critical Care 2x   (2 sessions 2x a week)

Annual Plan -    List Price:  $18,720     w/ Annual Discount-  $14,080

Monthly Plan   -  $1380

6 sessions a week -  Critical Care 3x   (3 sessions 2x a week)

Annual Plan -     List Price: $28,080    w/ Annual Discount-   $21,120

Monthly Plan   -  $207

(Note: All first month fees can be applied to an Annual Plan)

Call 805 560-0630
to connect with us.

To apply for
membership, please:

The Human Tune Up

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