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The Science behind Brainstem Balancing //

Your Brainstem is your Body's Autopilot:

Your Brainstem has total control of your Autonomic Nerve System which directs your breathing, blood pressure, digestion, the efficiency of every organ, the proper release of hormones from each gland, and how well your Immune System functions.

Is the Brainstem really the key to my wellness?

Yes it is. Have a look to the right column under the picture of the Brainstem and look at "Quick Brainstem Fact  #1" :

The Brainstem contains the Medulla - what Johns Hopkins University calls  "The most vital part of the entire Brain"

Ask a Medical Doctor:


1. What part of our body runs and regulates all our organs,
  body systems, and glands?

    (answer: the Brainstem)

2. What controls our digestive and elimination systems?   

    (answer: the Brainstem)

3. What part of our Brain controls our heart, lungs, blood
  pressure, and hormone releases?

    (answer: the Brainstem)

4. What part of our body directs and is responsible for the
  proper operation of our Immune System?

    (answer: the Brainstem)

Your Brainstem:

Quick Brainstem Facts:

  • Contains the Medulla - a part of the Brainstem that Johns Hopkins University calls "The most vital part of the entire Brain"

  • Main director of communication throughout the body.

  • All pain - even from your foot, is perceived in your Brain
    and regulated by your Brainstem.

  • Controls your sight, hearing, and taste.

  • Responsible for the regulation and then release of most
    Brain chemicals (Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, etc).

Remove what's

interfering with your health!

Every trauma to your Brainstem lowers your wellness and can lead to almost every health issue you have:

Please read the above line again - because it's true.

Yes, every trauma to your neck / head / Brainstem region can impact your future wellness.


When does Brainstem damage occur?

The birth process itself can be the first trauma that impacts the health of some people. Delicate heads can be pulled and twisted, or extracted with forceps or vacuum. Physical damage to the newborn's Brainstem can be instant and significant.

You can read about just one of my many successes with newborns on the "Specific Concerns" page (under "Infant & Child Care").


For others, the first Brainstem interference comes later:

- an infant falling from a changing table, bed, or couch

- a toddler falling or bumping their head over 4,000 times
  before age 5

- a school aged child suffering from any of the myriad of
  possible injuries and traumatic events children     

One need only watch one episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos" to see many examples of major Brainstem trauma in children and adults that is laughed away.


Everyone has had falls, bumps, sports injuries, car accidents, or most likely multiple combinations of all of the above. Each single event might be responsible for a decline in you or your loved ones health and quality of life.


Can you show me evidence that this actually happens with trauma to the Brainstem?

For over 100 years we have known that some retired boxers have been labeled as "punch drunk". This means that they got hit in the head so many times, that they "just aren't all there." "The Greatest", Mohammad Ali, is an example of multiple Brainstem traumas leading to not just memory and cognitive losses, but also to Parkinson's shaking, rigidity, loss of communication, and ultimately death.

Vehicular and sports injuries can cause Brainstem issues as major as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), quadriplegia (paralyzed from the neck down), or even death.

The public understands that severe Brainstem trauma can lead to total body paralysis (as happened to "Superman" Christopher Reeves), yet they haven't made the connection that less severe Brainstem trauma can cause asthma, allergies, headaches, pain anywhere in the body, and most of our major diseases.

So what about traumas that are just a step or two less then "severe" or getting paralyzed or dying?

These are not discussed in medicine and the lasting effects from "regular" traumas are simply not dealt with. They are brushed off with statements like: "Oh, he or she will have headaches that will probably go away after a while" or "Take these painkillers for a few months".

Millions of people develop health lowering conditions after Brainstem traumas.These new conditions can arise immediately after a trauma, days after a trauma, or years after a trauma depending on the severity of the trauma and how close their Nerve System was to "the last straw."


We need to make the connection that a specific physical trauma created Nerve Interference around the Brainstem, lead to reduced Brainstem function, and that then caused any of thousands of possible named health conditions.

What are examples of possible health conditions from "everyday" Brainstem traumas?

Almost anything you "got" that you didn't have before the trauma.


Migraines, pain anywhere in the body, stomach issues, blood pressure regulation, sleeping issues, hormone issues (monthly cycle, thyroid, etc), allergies, depression, asthma, and hundreds more.

Again - this is big!


Finally an answer for "Why do I have conditions XYZ, and others don't?"


Show me some scientific evidence.

New scientific research is proving that many of today's most common diseases are due to traumas accumulated throughout ones life that affect the ideal function of your Brainstem.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE was introduced to the public in the 2015 Will Smith movie "Concussion." The movie is about NFL players, their health issues, and Dr. Omalu - the doctor who discovered and named the disease. CTE leads to a myriad of other major Brain diseases including: Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, ALS, anger issues, suicide, Brain fog, and more.

The newest shocking CTE study just released in June of 2017 revealed that 110 out of the 111 brains of former football players, had CTE.


That 99% rate of CTE caused Dr. Omalu to state that now that we have this overwhelming data, letting children play football "is the definition of child abuse."

Is there additional trauma related data?

In a study of 81 Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's patients, 78 out of the 81 patients were able to recount a major trauma to their head/Brainstem prior to getting diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's. (you can download this amazing study by clicking the green box below and in the right column)

So we're starting to see confirmation that any trauma to the neck/Brainstem area causes major problems and diseases. Just as importantly, it can finally explain why one person can't sleep well, why another has allergies, why another develops digestion issues, another painful irregular monthly cycles, another heart issues, and still others migraines.

Why don't other health professionals mention or address Brainstem Traumas and how critical proper Brainstem function is to our wellness?



They have no treatment for Trauma Induced Nerve Interference at the Brainstem level:

They can't radiate it.

They can't give it chemotherapy.

They can't remove it.

And pain killers do not remove the cause of the problem.

Who can assist my Nerve System to remove nerve interference at the Brainstem level?


The 900+ Upper Cervical specific doctors around the world are the only doctors whose sole purpose in practice is to remove interference from around the Brainstem, in order to help your Nerve System function as ideally as possible.


Can you give us some more information?

Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's are both conditions that Medicine tells us have a dim prognosis, yet in the above study, after receiving Upper Cervical care, an amazing 91% of the MS, and 92% of the Parkinson's sufferers showed major symptomatic improvements, 50% of the participants had ALL their symptoms disappear, and 100% had no progression of their disease after five years of care.

That is a major "Wow"!

Upper Cervical doctors believe that children with asthma, allergies, migraines, digestive disorders, and most other issues, manifested their conditions due to a previous Brainstem trauma.


The situation is the same for adults - and most conditions and diseases they might have developed during their life.

Yes - this is big.

I invite you to view the videos on this website and then visit YouTube, and simply search "Upper Cervical Care". The various first person testimonials are truly stunning.

How come the public doesn't know about this?

Again, with only about 900 Upper Cervical Doctors in the World, our voice and success with so many conditions has not reached the general public. We have grown mainly via our practice members referring their friends, family, and


You now have the answer to your issues!!

The Human Tune-Up, Upper Cervical Care simply has to improve your life - because of how our bodies are wired and designed. The Brainstem is the conductor for our body (the orchestra). Just as a conductor can regulate and guide the performance of a 100 piece orchestra, so too does our Brainstem regulate and guide the performance of virtually every part and system of our body.

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