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About Brainstem Balancing //

Brainstem Balancing is a pure Upper Cervical Specific corrective adjusting system that addresses the body in real-time. It is tonal, and therefore allows the practitioner to address the body's multiple Trauma Layers, instead of just the surface(top most layer). Clients muscle tone around the Brainstem goes from twisted, torqued, and tight to soft and supple every time a Trauma Layer is removed from the Central Nerve System.

Client results are rewriting how fast our bodies can respond to care:

In the fall of 2016, I surveyed my clients about retracing. I asked one question:

Have you experienced one or more retracings directly after starting care?


Yes:         88%

Maybe:    12%

No:            0%

For those who are not familiar with retracing, those numbers are stunning...


Most of my clients start a retracing within their first week of care (the majority from day 1), and continue with more layers clearing as time goes on. One client (with a body very experienced with physical, chemical, and emotional traumas) has stated that she has had hundreds of retracings over the past 4 years - some lasting just minutes and a few lasting weeks.

Other Doctors opinions:

1.    "clinical outcomes are more consistently dramatic than any other known

         clinical intervention." (in the history of human health!)

2.    "reinvents Chiropractic, validates the principles we espouse, and creates a     

         value that we have only dreamed was possible."

3.    "is a dramatic breakthrough in the application of the adjustment."

4.    "facilitates the healing response and reprogramming of the Brainstem."

5.    "patients refer others strictly due to the amazing results that are consistently

More coming soon...

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