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Dr. Joe Migliore DC // 

The Human Tune-Up and Brainstem Balancing Founder and Master Practitioner

Dr. Joe Migliore DC graduated from Life University - the largest Chiropractic College in the world in 1997. While a student, he attended close to 100 full weekend seminars for both Chiropractic technique and pure Chiropractic Philosophy (a school record at the time and it might still be…) and countless shorter seminars / presentations.


His Chiropractic Philosophy mentors included Dr. Reggie Gold, Dr. Joe Strauss, and Dr. Arno Burnier to name literally just a few. He attended many New Beginnings (walked on fire at least 3 times), 12 or 13 Life Dynamic Essentials seminars, 3 Sherman Lyceums, and many FSCO Chiropractic Philosophy weekends

Life University was the de facto center of the Upper Cervical world due in part to the fact that three major Upper Cervical techniques were developed or reintroduced in the Atlanta area - namely, Grostic technique (the foundation for NUCCA) (one of his teachers at school was Dr. John D. Grostic himself), Atlas Orthogonal (Dr. Roy Sweat was a constant presence on campus and still practices in Atlanta), and his schools' only Chiropractic fraternity on campus was devoted to Knee Chest technique (with Dr. Michael Kale regularly visiting his campus from South Carolina to help re-establish BJ Palmers Knee Chest work). On top of all that, Life University had its own named Upper Cervical technique (Life Upper Cervical – which was taught utilizing both hand and instrument adjusting).

In total, he took 7 Upper Cervical courses in his school curriculum, and countless additional courses outside of class. When he got home, his roommate's best friend (President of the Grostic / Orthospinology technique club - who interned and now works at the Humber Upper Cervical Clinic in Atlanta - the present home of the Grostic / Orthospinology technique) helped with more Upper Cervical immersion.

After 15 years in practice, in 2013, Dr. Joe combined key concepts from a select variety of Chiropractic techniques with a solid core of Upper Cervical methods and principles. He then figured out how to deliver this Upper Cervical Specific correction within a cutting-edge system. The result was Brainstem Balancing™ - a new, gentle, and highly effective Upper Cervical Specific technique.

The dramatic power of Brainstem Balancing was immediately apparent when all of Dr. Joe's first clients had major body healings or retracings after their initial corrections. (if the word “retracing” is new to you, please visit the FAQ page and watch the 7 min retracing video)

Every day, clients tell Dr. Joe about their dramatic life and health changes, their overwhelming sense of well-being, and the performance breakthroughs they are enjoying due to Brainstem Balancing.

In August of 2017, Dr. Joe realized that Brainstem Balancing is a great name for the technique / system he used to deliver Upper Cervical Specific corrections. However, to help educate new practice members about all the amazing benefits of Upper Cervical Care, he renamed his practice "The Human Tune-Up" -  because that is in fact what he is delivering to his clients - instantly, everyone knows that everything operates and functions better after it is "tuned-up". This holds true for automobiles, computers,musical instruments, and of course now humans!

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