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"Dr. Joe's work  is difficult to explain because the adjustments are very subtle, very gentle.

  ...afterwards, this peace seems to spread as if by magic to every layer of your being: the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels all become aligned in happiness. 

It is as if you acquired an inner compass whose needle unerringly points to all levels of wellness. 

Clarity replaces confusion, anxiety is lifted, and physical energy is increased.  I highly recommend it".

Santa Barbara Executive Director

"His work is gentle and the results have to be experienced to be believed"

| Surfer



"Joe Migliore is a body-mind genius. I have never benefited more from a single isolated chiropractic session. 

I wish I lived near him - he would be my weekly doctor."


"That was the most amazing session of my Life... the most incredible & unbelievable experience

...I’m still thinking about it”


 | Candace Pert PhD

            - star of "What the Bleep Do We Know"

            - former Chief of Brain Chemistry at the National Institutes of Health

            - author of "Molecules of Emotion"  &  "Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good"

Testimonials //

"For 6 years I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia.  I have seen Dr. Joe four times and I no longer take my pain meds or sleeping pills.


 | Happy Client  


"Hi Joe! I was sitting in the meadow on Rattlesnake Trail early this morning, thinking of you with a heart full of gratitude. 

I feel that some tremendous breakthrough has happened that has given me back my Self and my life. 

I truly feel better than I have in years and I just wanted to express my  sincere appreciation for the gift of your work. Something has come unstuck!"

| Santa Barbara Author 

"Dr. Joe's hands have worked magic on my body many times. He truly has a gift of knowing how to hone in on your body's  stresses, and how to completely reduce them"    

| Magazine Publisher 

"You're doing some miracle work here Doc!"

| Pro Football Player


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