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Fertility vs Infertility //

Talk about needing a tune-up for maybe the most important job on our planet... Can I give any better example of the power of a person's balanced Nerve System than the ability for a future Mom to create and sustain a new life?

Whether you're trying to conceive, achieve a full term pregnancy, or simply have the most magical pregnancy possible, The Human Tune-Up via Brainstem Balancing has helped couples having difficultly conceiving conceive, couples with a history of miscarriages go to term, and helped make "regular" pregnancies easy and stress-free for both Mom and baby to be.


Fertility vs Infertility


Sometimes what's so easy for some couples,

becomes an elusive quest for other couples.


Being fertile is like an agreement with the Universe - if something is off (ie: not tuned-up) with either Mom's or Dad's Upper Cervical Nerve System, blockages in manifestation may occur.


Failure leads to more and more stress for the couple.


I've helped couples having difficultly conceiving because

once their Upper Cervical area is clear of interference, the

Brain to Body, and Body to Brain messages are relayed to each gland and organ as designed.


Stress levels are reduced, harmony is increased and the body is ready for magic to happen.


Have you noticed how many couples, after trying for

years and years to get pregnant, will get pregnant

soon after adopting a child?


This is an example of an overwhelming emotional stress

being released in the Nerve System due to the adoption,


Brainstem Balancing is designed to release physical,

chemical, and emotional stresses in your Nerve System - helping all your body systems to function at their maximum potential.



Is it a stretch to imagine that creating, forming, and growing

a multi-trillion cell baby in your body can be helped when any interference between your Nerve System and the baby's is removed?


And when would you ideally like this interference removed?


The best answer is as early as possible.


Imagine what a head start you could give your child if during

its initial cell divisions, both Mom and baby had perfectly clear Nerve Systems.


Imagine as the pregnancy progresses, Mom's mind, body,

and spirit continues to be at its peak throughout the entire pregnancy, allowing baby to develop to his/her maximum potential.


This is what I strive to do with each person in my practice

- none more important than an expectant Mom.


If this sounds good to you - if you believe that:


    1.  Helping turn a breech baby in pregnancy is good.


    2.  Never having to deal with a breech presentation

         in the first place is even better.


    3.  A Pitocin drip to induce labor, or an epidural to reduce
         pain, should be reserved for extraordinary situations.


    4.  Preeclampsia and Braxton Hicks contractions can be



    5.  A drug-free, effortless pregnancy, labor, and delivery is

         normal and possible.

Then welcome!


My gentle Brainstem Balancing Upper Cervical Specific adjustments are a natural compliment to a midwife, home birth, the Bradley Method, or Lamaze.


It's all about maximizing the potential of your child, and the comfort and joy of Mom!

There is a natural answer to becoming a parent!

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