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Frequently Asked Questions //

1.)  What is Retracing and why healing reactions are an important part of clearing Trauma Layers and conditions from the Nerve System?

2. How long will it take till "XYZ" has resolved in my body?

I get asked this question almost every day. The only true answer is I don't know. Each one of us has had different amounts of trauma to our Brainstem, and each trauma has varied "stickiness" in our Nerve System. To illustrate my point, I have had clients with very severe traumas that have cleared extremely quickly, and other clients with seemingly minor Brainstem interference that has taken much longer to clear. The real answer is there is no formula for the time frame and number of corrections that will yield noticeable results.

I have found that the newer the trauma, the faster it can be removed from the Nerve System. Likewise, the younger the client the faster the noticed results (less time locked into the Nerve System, and generally less total Trauma Layers to deal with...)

The great news is that virtually everyone who has made clearing Brainstem Trauma Layers from their Nerve System a priority, has had their lives turned 180 degrees towards wellness. Again, this is how our bodies are wired!

3. Is The Human Tune-Up beneficial for babies? 

4. Is there medical proof that Upper Cervical Care works?

More Video Resources //

3min - Introduction

2 min - A simple explanation of how and why

The Human Tune-Up and Brainstem Balancing works

9min - Amazing healing stories!

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