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Peak Sports Performance //

Achieving Peak Performance in ANY Sport


How to Live in the Zone!

 What better way to know how great your body can perform than to challenge it with sports. This is one of the most visible ways you can experience the effects of The Human Tune-Up.

Most top athletes (human and equine) receive some form of care that helps them excel in their sport/activity. The list of world class athletes who do this regularly would read like a who's who of the best of the best.

Performing at their peak is critical to an elite athletes season, their pocketbook, their longevity, and ultimately their legacy.

Olympic Gold Medal Decathlete , Dan O'Brien, at the time called "The World's Greatest Athlete", may have said it best when he stated, that if it were not for Chiropractic care, he would not have won two gold medals.

My experience with athletes from little league to professional, has proven positive 100% of the time!

Every athlete has played at a higher level than they did before receiving Brainstem Balancing. Some run faster, some jump higher, some hit or throw balls further.

Clients that have had yoga practices for 10+ years relate that they can now perform asanas that were not possible just a few weeks before they started care!

I've had golfers come in before a big tournament, because they told me that they simply played better - sometimes 3-5+ strokes per round better!

Most pro athletes talk about being "in the zone" or "feeling it" when their game is totally on. Call it whatever you want - when the basket seems twice as large, when the pitch appears to be in slow motion, when the QB simply picks apart the defense, every pass a thing of beauty - and so easy  - that athlete was in the zone.

Most athletes experience this at times, and enjoy the magic as long as it lasts - never knowing how or why it happened.

Likewise, all athletes have experienced being "in a rut", a "slump" or on a "loosing streak" they can't get out of.

These times are simply when your mind-body is experiencing the opposite of "being in the zone"

The Human Tune-Up via Brainstem Balancing will get you into the zone more often, and keep you there longer.

Slumps can be shortened or skipped entirely.

It's that simple.

Concussion and "Sub-concussive trauma" information

With our new understanding of sports injuries involving the head - like those that occur in football, surfing, gymnastics, etc, we now have a new term "sub-concussive trauma" that was coined by Dr. Omalu of football and concussion fame (Will Smith played him in the 2015 movie "Concussion.")


Dr. Omalu has stated that these "sub-concussive traumas" are more harmful than concussions because of how many of these traumas certain athletes experience.


In the past, sub-concussive traumas have been ignored by medical doctors because they generally produce no immediate signs or symptoms. They simply layer themselves one on top of the other, creating Nerve Interference around our Brainstem, and negatively impacting the future health and wellness of that athlete.

Imagine being in "The Zone" day after day!

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