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Upper Cervical Care for Children //

Because all humans will function better with a clear Nerve System, The Human Tune-Up and Brainstem Balancing care can provide the vital difference to your child's physical development, how well they perform in sports and school, and finally, how well they will grow into a balanced young adult.


How can a child need Upper Cervical Care?



1. Simple, just be born.


The birth process has become one of the most potentially damaging events in a persons Life.


I have seen clients with birth trauma that has been damaging their health for 70 years or more.


The Brainstem is what gets affected if your baby's neck is pulled or twisted during the birth process.


Let's remove any Brainstem interference ASAP, and have your child thrive - not just survive.

(read the story about my neighbor's newborn below)



2. Then fall 5,000 times before age 4.


The average child will fall close to 5,000 times by age 4.

What more do you need to know?


Most of those falls, bumps, and "owies" will heal without problems.


However, the ones that don't heal ideally, and leave the Nerve System compromised for years, are often the root cause of a person's future diminished health.


3. Finish the process of growing from 1 cell to 70 trillion cells.


As your child grows, he/she is adding trillions of new cells and billions of new Nerve connections to their bodies, all under the control of their Central Nerve System.


These cells and connections will either be formed:


 1.  ideally - by a clear, perfect transmission Nerve System


 2.  or less than ideally - by a compromised Nerve System.


In summary:

Clinically, I have found that prompt removal of Nerve Interference is the key to wellness.

  - therefore, all newborns should be checked and cleared

    as soon as possible.


  - every child should be checked regularly for any new

    Nerve Interference that is created by their nearly daily

    physical trauma exposure.




What results have you seen in your office with newborns?


One great story is of my next door neighbor's newborn son.


The couple next to my old office had a new baby, and a few weeks after his birth, the mom brought him into work with her.

I arrived to my office around noon on that day, and after almost an hour of hearing a mixture of crying and wailing through the wall, I knocked on their door and inquired as to what was wrong with their baby.


Mom explained that he had been like this since she gave birth, that he had actually lost weight since birth, was spitting up mom's milk, and was classified by their pediatrician as having "failure to thrive" syndrome.


The pediatrician explained that her son would eventually grow out of his problem.

There was nothing to do but wait.

I looked at the baby, saw major nerve interference in his Upper Cervical area, and asked her to bring him over to my office so that I might give him a gentle Brainstem Balancing adjustment.


With the infant on his back, I started to touch his head and neck. His head was stuck almost all the way to his right shoulder, and any attempt to move his head even a couple of degrees was met with distress.

This is what he was supposed to "grow out of"?


No wonder he was screaming!


How was this normal?

I used my ultra-gentle Brainstem Balancing technique to adjust him then, and over the next two days.


His screaming stopped within minutes of the first adjustment, and his neck became fully mobile for the first time in his short life.


A few weeks later, the Mom was amazed to report that her son went from the lowest weight baby in the Mom's group formed by the Pediatrician, to the heaviest.

No more screaming.


No more spitting up Mom's milk.


No more "failure to thrive".

How long should he have lived with life damaging Nerve Interference?


How long should any child have to suffer with less than their ideal health?

Tell someone you know so they and their baby

needn't suffer any longer.

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